YouChannel: YouTube Leanback

YouTube’s Director of Product Management, Hunter Walk unveiled YouTube Leanback, a personalized channel that you can access on Google TV and the web. The point of Leanback is to give the user a customized and easy viewing experience, the well designed interface lets you access full HD videos. The presentation was thin on details, but Walk said YouTube will be able to create a feed based on what you might be interested in. A beta web version will soon be available. Expect to hear more in the coming weeks.

YouTube’s Leanback will likely jeopardize similar “leanback” programs like Nowmov, which recently launched in March. The YC-funded company allows users to easily access the web’s most popular videos— based on Twitter and YouTube and other metrics— through a steady stream of content (you can skip a video if you’re not interested). Nowmov is working on personalizing its service— given Walk’s aggressive timeline, YouTube will beat them to the punch.