Mloovi, an incredibly useful web app, is up for sale

One of my favourite web apps is up for sale (tear). Mloovi has been amazingly useful in translating many of Europe’s blog feeds for me into English, and it would seem to have a life beyond this. It’s generating a tonne of content as a result. I also much prefer it to Google’s own RSS translation.

But the founders have decided to call it quits mainly because a key member of the core team which built it can no longer maintain it due to ill health. And in fact, the Mloovi guys in part want to ping some proceeds his way to help with his recovery.

Mloovi is a blog and RSS translator which translates blogs into 52 languages via Google translate. That means than each blog translated generates 52 different language versions (in both HTML & RSS) which are then indexable by search engines. So the site now has pages indexed by just about all language versions of Google, listing in Bing, Yahoo & Ask, as well as large non-English search engines such as Baidu, Yandex & Seznam. That adds up to 500,000 pages which are available for indexing.