iPad app store goes global as it starts appearing in other countries

BREAKING: The Apple iPad store is now popping up in other countries allowing iPad users to purchase apps directly on iPad using your their iTunes account.

So far we’ve confirmed it’s appeared in the UK, Belgium, Spain, Israel, France, the Philippines and New Zealand among others.

In fact, a quick check around the other stores also confirms that this looks like a worldwide release.

However it looks like there is no iBooks or iWorks app outside the U.S., yet.

European iPad users could pre-order the iPad on May 10, with shipping expected on May 28.

The international release of the iPad was delayed due to heavy U.S. domestic demand, according to Apple. In the UK, the iPad will cost from £429 to £699 pounds (with 699 representing the 64GB 3G model). In the rest of Europe the iPad prices for the rest of Europe will be 499 to 799 euros. More prices here.