France's Doyoubuzz launches in the US to crush word-processed resumes

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For Nantes-based Doyoubuzz, the days of the Microsoft Word-based resumes are numbered. So what better to do than set-up shop in San Francisco in hopes of conquering the US web 2.0 generation with its online resume service and personal branding platform?

Founded in 2008, the company currently counts roughly 45,000 resumes – primarily in the 20-35 age-range. The “MySpace of professional resumes” is a Netvibes-like widget-based platform, allowing users to create personalized resumes online. But while the service obviously resembles that of Linkedin or Viadeo (who also recently launched in the US), Doyoubuzz oddly sees itself in competition with the traditional, word-processed resume format. OK, sure, when you can add rich content and multimedia to your Doyoubuzz profile, I guess it doesn’t really resemble the one-size-fits-all standard profiles of online professional networks. Plus, users can actually export their Viadeo profiles onto Doyoubuzz to avoid having to regenerate the same content. Practical.

The site’s Freemium model also offers additional services – like more personalization features for people who may have a common name, translation and a hosted URL – for €30 per year. While roughly 5% of its user base is using paid features, it’s still perhaps not the best idea to base the business model on financing from the unemployed or job-seeking community. Which is why the company is also following in Linkedin and Viadeo’s footsteps, hoping to become a resume database and leading search engine for recruiters. With an average increase of 5,000 resumes per month, seems things are heading in the right direction.

With the opening of the new San Francisco office, the compan is also planning to close a second round of funding before the end of the year. A first round was raised last June with France-based business angels.

Ok, it may seem a little redundant to have yet another profile online. But for the more creative professions – where a portfolio is what counts – being able to add content to an online resume may actually make a huge difference. Still, can Doyoubuzz really take the place of word-processed resumes? Highly unlikely; that would require changing recruitment practices altogether. Nonetheless, for those whose web presence is of high importance, this may be a simple and practical way of complementing a standard, word-processed resume with a more personalized touch.


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  • David1984

    looking forward to using this feature. MS-Word resumes are getting boring now

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    DoYouBuzz offers a suite of 10+ elegant and professional resume templates.

  • David1984

    looking forward to using this. i am bored with MS-Word resumes

  • CVReady

    The online Resume/CV will not replace the Word documented one, ask the recruiters!

    On our side the goal is to provide an online solution to manage and send easily CV/Resumes.

    the objective is to provide tools to be able to modify our profile at any time and send information asap through the web in general, and to jobboards in particular, automatically

    The service is available as beta to manage and send CV (also even from a mobile phone) and to update profile on jobboards (with our registered partners – that’s only in france at the moment)

    The final version (more friendly) is planned for septembre

  • alphalab

    Check out – they approach the same problem from the recruiter / HR side of things.

    • Shiva @mycodetrip

      @alphalab I checked out theresumator site. Doesn’t even come close to DoYouBuzz. For starters, theresumator is presenting only “screenshots” of the resumes you can create. On top of that, theresumator’s screenshot resumes look like blog posts.

      DoYouBuzz is far better. The resumes are highly customizable, easy to update (for non techies and techies alike), are optimized for search engines and certainly don’t look like blog posts!!

      Here is a detailed run down of DoYouBuzz features from my interview of the US COO Evy Wilkins.

      And no, I don’t work for DoYouBuzz.

  • Anne

    I’m so glad DYB is getting some press! I’ve been using the service for a month and a half now and have been loving it.

    It’s actually fun to use, no joke, and the export feature is awesome. During my job search I got a lot of compliments about the online resume portion, too.

    Go DoYouBuzz, Go!

  • Proxilog

    Only avaimable in French so far, you can try a resume / CV builder tool on

    Based on a freemium model, more than 220.000 people have tried it during the last couple of years…

    Ousmane N’Diaye, the soho entrepreneur and programer behind this tool, is currently working on a V.2 : more to come soon…

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  • hafriyat

    thanks for news

  • Sachin Shekar

    Check out, they have taken a totally new approach. Have used them in India and work very well with the recruiters.

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  • Rory

    Job hunting is now on a different level. Resumes are now electronic. You have a very insightful article here. Great information.

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