Don't let taste stand in the way of buying a crystal iPhone stand

Are you the kind of person who has to have the best of everything? Two-ply toilet paper? Nice plastic plates? The best mixture of Alpo and brown gravy spread liberally onto your chest as a libido suppressant? Then you’re going to need the Calypso Crystal iPhone stands.

These stands, which range from $199 to $349 for the Aurora model, are made of leaded crystal and take “15 days to make” in Central Europe. The sad thing is that these are actually probably made in Poland where leaded crystal is actually quite popular (my mom collects it, incidentally, but I doubt she wants these.)

The difference between crystal and glass is that the former contains lead oxide, which adds magnificent optical effects, a special breaking of the light and certain softness. Crystal can be cut, polished and further processed, since it does not chip as easily as glass. Because of the added lead, crystal is surprisingly heavy, which gives it even more appeal. Cutting makes crystal beautiful, while polishing makes it shine even brighter – it is truly something special.

I mean God bless you if you need this. I’m just wondering if a broken bottle and an iPod cable couldn’t perform the same trick.

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