DIY: Coat Hook Headphone Hanger

Need a quick and easy place to store your headphones? I’ve been unplugging mine and putting them in a drawer, but I think I like this idea better. The person who sent the tip into Lifehacker suggests mounting a coathook to the bottom of your desk, and then hanging your headphones from the hook. I like the idea, but what if you have a glass desk?

Aside from the obvious problem if you have a glass desk, placement is also key. I’ve got rather long legs and loathe keyboard drawers because they are an exercise in pain. Obviously you’d want to place the hook to the side of the desk instead of the middle, but what about smaller desks? I’m going to do a slight variation on this and use one of those 3M Command Hooks. Best part is, it doesn’t require you do drill a hole in your desk (or wall), and it’s easy to move if necessary.