Going, Going Gone: Dating.com Sells For $1.75M, Domain Sales Heat Up

Tapping into the always lucrative desperate singles market, someone has purchased the domain Dating.com for $1,750,000 at the DOMAINFest auction in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Today’s auction racked up $2.4 million in sales and featured BoardGames.com (a distant second at $450,000), Therapists.com ($50,000) and Antidepressant.com ($30,000)— sadly the endearingly antiquated CdCollection.com fetched a mere $300. Here’s a look at the DOMAINFest auction’s top ten sales:

Dating.com was sold by domain firm Oversee.net, via its SnapNames unit. The property has been a highly anticipated sale but its final price is no anomaly.  Oversee.net has recently enjoyed a nice string of six-figure-plus domain trades. Its Moniker unit brokered the sale of Photo.com for $1.25 million last week and Guns.com for $800,000 in early March— and of course there was that other SnapNames auction this week: the modest sale of Slots.com for an eye-poping $5.5 million.  Or as Robin Wauters describes it: “more than $1 million per character.” The identity of the buyer was not disclosed.

With the domain market heating up, there have been other high profile transactions in 2010 including Flying.com (purchased for $1.1 million in April by UsedAirplanes), Poker.org ($1 million in February), and Files.com ($725,000 in March).