Verizon price cuts the Palm Pixi Plus down to free

Downward, downward, ever downward. Verizon just keeps dropping the prices on their Palm devices lower and lower. The Pre Plus dropped from $149.99 at launch to a paltry $29.99, while its baby sister, the Pixi Plus, dropped from $99 to.. the same price as the Pre Plus: $29.99.

Weird, right? A technically lesser phone floating around at the same price point as the heftier one? Verizon’s gone ahead and patched up that little pricing oddity.

The Verizon Pixi Plus is now free.

The oh-so-lovely Mobile Hotspot feature is still free, though it appears that they’ve dumped the Buy-One-Get-One deal.

If this news came a week and a half ago, it would have seemed like Palm’s final cry as their flame flickered out. Now that HP’s come along with the intent of dumping a bunch of fuel (read: money) on the fire, however…

[Via PreCentral]