Tween Virtual World Woozworld Spins Off From Tribal Nova, Raises $3 Million

Woozworld, a virtual world for tweens (ages 9-14), has scored $3 million in Series A financing.

With the new funding round, which was led by iNovia Capital and ID Capital, a division of Telesystem Group, Woozworld will be spinning off from virtual world developer Tribal Nova, which incubated and launched Woozworld in December, 2009.

Woozworld claims over 350,000 members and one million user-generated virtual spaces (up from about 50 at the end of last year).

Woozworld says it intends to continue developing and promoting its ‘Web 2.0 virtual world’ where tween users build an entire world where they can engage with their peers, design their own virtual spaces, set up the activities they choose and even manage their own businesses.

Chris Arsenault of iNovia Capital and Daniel Cyr of ID Capital will be joining the spin-off’s Board of Directors.