Whew! Infinity Ward will create another Call of Duty game

Here’s the one Infinity Ward employee who will make the next game. His bonuses will still be withheld. Allegedly.

Infinity Ward will, indeed, create another Call of Duty game. Activision confirmed this during the company’s first-quarter conference call. I guess we can all sleep easy tonight.

Or, if you’re interested in direct quotes:

We don’t usually do this at this time. We’re very focused on our communication right now on the release for this year [Call of Duty: Black Ops]. What we have said is that Infinity Ward is working on a Call of Duty title, and you’ll hear more details as we advance through the year.

There was some confusion as to whether or not Infinity Ward even had enough employees to change a light bulb, let alone create another Call of Duty game, but this about settles it.

Maybe human beings will evolve in the few years between now and the next CoD to realize, wait a minute, I’m paying $60+ a pop for the same damn game over and over again…