Sprint Hero NOT Getting Android 2.1 on May 7th

Although I’m sure you’re used to the disappointment by now, it pains me to tell you this: the Sprint Hero won’t be getting its much-hoped-for update to Android 2.1 this Friday.

A Sprint Community Administrator has closed the thread where the original rumour surfaced, stating:

Closing this thread because I don’t want folks to think that 2.1 is coming out on the 7th.

So, there you go. Pick your heart off of the floor, and go back to your shattered Android dreams (of electric sheep).

And, just for a bit of salt in the wound, the Motorola Milestone got its update to 2.1 today. Sucks.

If it’s any consolation, I’m on the same Android 1.5 boat as you with my European HTC Hero.

Disappointed peanut.

[via Cool Tech Zone]