Clicker Live Shows You What's Playing On The Web Right Now

Live video is starting to take off on the Web on livevideo sites such as Livestream, Ustream, and Justin.TV. And every network TV website also offers live video from time to time. It’s hard to keep up. What is needed is a TV Guide for live video on the Web.

Online video guide Clicker is taking a stab at that with the launch of Clicker Live. It is starting with thousands of feeds of premium live video on the Web. The clicker site will have a new Live tab where live shows will be promoted as “On Air Now” and can be searched. There is also a calendar showing what’s coming up, and you can browse by topic or title. Here are some examples of the types of shows and live video streams that will be indexed on Clicker Live:

(for instance, Livestream alone is now streaming more than one billion viewer minutes per month). Justin.TV and Ustream are seeing similatr growth and But it’s hard to know what’s on

  • High Profile Live Shows from: YouTube, Ustream,,,
  • Major broadcast and cable news network feeds including CNN, FOX, FOX Business, ABC, CBS News, AP
  • Wall Street Journal News Hub
  • Live sporting events and sports coverage; for example: ESPN3, MLB, CBS Sports, FOX Sports
  • Press Conferences and Events
  • Over 50 local market newscasts from ABC, FOX and others
  • Local Government webcasts
  • Weekly tech, Internet, and entertainment shows; for example: CNET,, Leo Laporte, Kevin Pollack’s Chat Show
  • Weekly political shows; for example: Young Turks, B-Cast, Ed Morrissey
  • Live Concerts and Red Carpet events
  • Celebrity Livestreams; for example: streams celebrities from Ashton Kutcher to Shaq
  • Animal Cams

Clicker launched at TechCrunch50, and recently raised $11 million in a B round from Benchmark, Redpoint, and Jafco. It also helps you find Flash-free videos on the iPad. Now it’s got live video covered too.