Palm webOS update rolled out to Verizon Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

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Get excited, Verizon Pixi Plus or Pre Plus owners! But not too excited. Just a little bit excited. Less “Holy crap, I’m getting a petting zoo for my birthday!” excited, more “Neat, it’s probably not going to rain on my birthday!” excited.

Verizon just pushed out a minor update for webOS, bumping things up to version While there’s nothing in terms of new features, it’s jam-packed full of bug fixes. Check out the full list after the jump.

The full list:

  • x Easier to use Bluetooth.® − Improved battery life when turning off Bluetooth without
    unpairing a device. x Displayed time feature is more accurate.
  • Automatic updates for Daylight Saving Time. x Easier connection management.
  • More consistent EV-DO connections when switching from Wi-Fi to CDMA.
  • Better TouchstoneTM charger integration. − The screen will now turn off and display the lock icon and time after the Pre Plus is docked with the Touchstone charger.
  • Newly taken photos and videos do not overwrite existing ones.
  • Improved picture display when cropping a picture for a contact.
  • Improvements:

  • Pinch to zoom now works in more applications.
  • The onscreen volume slider now appears correctly.
  • More accurate keyboard input.
  • The forward gesture now works in the browser.
  • The back gesture now returns to the file list screen in
    certain applications.
  • The shutter sound is more responsive when taking a picture
  • The LCD reset issue has been resolved.

Ready for the new tweaks? Go pound the update button a few times — failing that, look for it to be automagically rolled to your kit within the next 48 hours.

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