Thanko's USB-powered foot switch pedal

Long time no hear from Tokyo-based USB gadget maker Thanko. The company today announced foot switch pedals [JP] for use with Windows XP, 7 or Vista machines (I am aware this isn’t a world’s first, but the last Thanko post was too long ago). Just assign any key on your keyboard to one of the pedals, and you won’t need your fingers to press that key ever again.

Thanko says their new product, which you can buy as a single (weight: 104g) or triple version (weight: 538g), is ideal for people who need to type a lot, play games on their computer etc. Needless to say in case of a Thanko product, the pedals are USB-powered. And you can combine multiple pedals, as seen on the picture on top of this post.

The single version costs $30, while the triple version will set you back $55. If you’re really interested, I’d suggest asking Geek Stuff 4U if the import/export specialist can help you.