Sony Dash Internet tablet now available. (Update: No it's not. Awesome.)

People of Earth! The Sony Dash is now totally available. It’s a $200 Internet tablet that also lets you watch Netflix. Cynics call it a “Chumby clone,” but if you’re going to clone something you might as well clone something that’s universally beloved. Yeah, no…

I totally blame John for this, but the Dash isn’t available till April 30. Why I was told that it was available now is a mystery for the Ages, like what happened to the City of Atlantis, or why the Chicago Cubs can never win.

But you know what the Dash is, mix-up or not. It’s a tiny little guy that you set on your nightstand or whatever in lieu of an old school alarm clock. You’ve got your Internet apps, some of which were made specifically for the Dash, others carried over from the Chumby. (Sony licenses the Chumby OS for the Dash.)

I always thought the Chumby was cool, so presumably I’d get a kick out of Sony’s take on that type of device. Do we even have a word to describe things like the Dash?