Panasonic goes live with the DMC-G2 & DMC-G10 pricing

We already knew everything about the DMC-G1 and DMC-G10. Panasonic announced them back in early March and revealed their 12.1 MP sensors, 3-inch LCD screens, and 720p video modes. But the press release back then didn’t mention anything about pricing. Don’t you hate that? We do.

The G2 will retail for $799 with the G10 going for $599. The G2, however, will be available in red, blue, and black. Those prices are right on seeing as the original G1 came to the market with the same $799 MSRP but the new models adds touchscreen controls, video mode and a slightly larger rear-facing LCD screen to the already-loved micro four thirds camera. Hopefully the G2 and G10 can further advance the micro 4/3rds cause.