AT&T blacks out employee vacation dates in June, presumably for the iPhone launch

Another year, another iPhone. Everything’s falling right into place. The rumor mill is churning at full forcing, and Apple has purportedly locked down their regular theater in San Francisco on June 22nd. Now, like they do each time an iPhone rolls around, AT&T is telling their employees not to make vacation plans in the month of June.

The word comes from the Boy Genius, who claims to have multiple sources verifying that June vacations are a no-go.

The first iPhone was announced in January, and then shipped in June, the iPhone 3G was announcing in June and then shipped in July, and the 3GS was announced in June and shipped in the same month about 11 days later.

Assuming that Apple’s announcing the 4th-gen iPhone on June 22nd, any bets on the date it’ll hit the shelves?