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Sleek Audio shows off their SA7 in-ear monitors

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Don’t call them earbuds, at this price point they are considered to be in-ear monitors. The SA7 are the latest from Sleek Audio, and replace compliment the previous model, the SA6 that Devin reviewed.

These look nothing like the SA6 though, and are a significant step up. Each side of the SA7 is constructed from a block of aluminum, which is then wrapped with a carbon fiber shell using titanium screws. Inside this high tech exterior are “dual balanced armature transducers” surrounded by silicone. The SA7 also has a built in controller with skip buttons and other controllers. No official word on the price, but it’s probably safe to assume they will be significantly more expensive then the SA6’s $250. Say in the $350 to $400 range. Expect them to be available soon, as they just showed up in Popular Science.

Update: David from Sleek Audio contacted us to provide some more information. The SA7’s don’t replace the SA6’s, but are in fact a completely new product line. They also won’t be available for several months, as there is still some fine tuning and machining to be done before they release the final product.

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