REGZA 3D: Toshiba is now ready to sell 3D TVs, too

Toshiba organized a big press conference in Tokyo today, and the company did not only unveil a total of 15 new REGZA LCDs for the Japanese market. Perhaps more importantly, Toshiba also announced the development of a new 3D TV.

It seems Toshiba can’t afford to let Sony, Panasonic, NEC, Sharp and Hitachi be the only Japanese tech companies try to create a new business for themselves.

Technical details are scarce at this point, but here’s what Toshiba did say today:

  • the 3D TV will be rolled out worldwide this summer
  • it will produce “high-resolution images” (whatever that may mean)
  • users will be able to switch between 2D and 3D
  • it will feature Toshiba’s super-advanced CELL processor
  • Toshiba is developing a new engine for it (“3D REGZA engine”)
  • they’ll probably offer large-size models only (46 inches and up)
  • they’re expecting 3D TVs to account for about 20% of all sales in the high-price segment by the end of the year (in Japan)
  • 3D-based Blu-ray devices from Toshiba are to follow the 3D TVs, too

Toshiba has also said they’ll be holding another, 3D-related press conference soon. We’ll keep you posted.

Via AV Watch [JP]