LED REGZA: Toshiba Japan to roll out 15 new LCD TVs

Toshiba Japan has announced [JP] a total of 15 new LCD REGZA TVs for the Japanese market today (the company is selling REGZAs outside Japan, meaning chances are these new models will be rolled out internationally, too). And there’s a REGZA-branded HDD now. Here are the main specs for the entire lineup.

REGZA Z1 Series

The flagship Z series consists of a total of four models, sized at 37 (37Z1, $2,700), 42 ($3,300), 47 ($4,200) and 55 inches ($5,200/pictured above). All Z1 TVs boast a full HD “Clear” LED panel (IPS), LED edge light, a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, a recording function over USB or LAN (HDDs sold separately, see picture below), 10W×2 speakers, 4 HDMI interfaces, REGZA link, an SD/SDHC card slot, two USB ports, video-on-demand support, Ethernet, and Windows 7 support.

The Z series TVs will go on sale in Japan in June.

REGZA RE1 Series

The RE1 is Toshiba’s new “middle range” series and consists of eight TVs. While the four smaller models (19/22/26/32 inches) feature just 1,366×768 resolution, the four other RE1 TVs (37/42/47/55 inches) are full HD. The RE1 models are priced between $850 for the smallest model (19RE1) and $4,600 for the biggest (55RE1). All feature LED edge light, a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, REGZA link, a recording function over USB or LAN (HDDs sold separately), Ethernet, video-on-demand support, a USB port, and four HDMI interfaces (two in the four smaller models). Only the the four big RE1 TVs have the “clear” LED panel the Z1 TVs have.

In Japan, Toshiba plans to roll out the TVs from this series between next month and August. The 55-inch model is pictured above.

REGZA HE1 Series

Sized at 19, 22 and 26 inches, Toshiba’s new entry-level REGZA’s are the 19HE1 ($1,200), 22HE1 ($1,300/pictured) and the 26HE1 ($1,400). They all feature 1,366×768 resolution, LED edge light, REGZA link, two HDMI interfaces, a USB port, Ethernet, video-on-demand support, and a dynamic contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. The biggest bullet point is the internal 500GB HDD that can be found in all HE1 TVs (just like the recording function over USB or LAN the RE1 and Z1 TVs also have).

Toshiba plans to start selling the three HE1 models in Japan from July.