Android 2.1 at Fault for Nexus One Screen Issues? Droid Owners Beware!

Attack of the Gradients

No doubt by now you’ve heard that the screen on Google’s Nexus One is apparently worse than the screen on Motorola’s Droid.

The story goes that images on the Nexus One aint be poppin’ like they do on the Droid, and a study by DisplayMate apparently confirmed this.

But now that Droids have been updated to Android 2.1, users have begun to complain that images displayed on their Droids look about as good as they did in the Commander Keen days.
So, what’s the story?

Android Central have a post that summarises the findings, and it turns out that Droid users aren’t losing their mind, but, rather, the gallery app in Adroid 2.1 has switched from 24-bit 2D rendering to using a measly 16-bits for the 3D rendering.

It is noted in the article that the browser still renders in 24-bit (on both the Droid and the Nexus One), so at least you know that when your browsing I Can Has Cheezburger, the lolcats will look as good as possibe.

Hopefully a fix will be rolled out soon, but the gallery may render in 16-bits due to a 3D hardware limitation, so we’ll remain optimistic, but prepared for disappointment.