Sharp announces world’s first four-primary-color, super-bright 3D LCD

We all know Sharp is particularly strong in the LCD panel space, which means it’s not a big surprise the company is the first to announce a 3D LCD with four base colors (Sharp has added yellow to the usual trio of red, green and blue). The company also claims the new screen is about 80% brighter than conventional models, boasting the highest brightness in the industry.

The display will be sold in Japan “sometime before summer”, as part of Sharp’s Aquos LCD TV line (they showcased a 60-inch prototype during a press event in Tokyo). Global sales are scheduled to start by the end of this year. Executive Vice President Masafumi Matsumoto said his company will reveal technical details about the device next month.

What we know is that unlike the smaller 3D display Sharp announced a few days ago, the new TV will require glasses. It will also feature side-mount scanning LED backlight technology to boost picture quality and a response time of less than 4ms.

Sharp bets high on 3D. The company expects the 3D TV market to expand to 10 million units in 2012. 3D AQUOS TVs are expected to reach 5-10% of all AQUOS models within the first 12 months, with Sharp projecting this number to grow to 20-30% after that.

Via AV Watch [JP]