NachoFoto Launches Realtime Image Search Portal

A new realtime search engine is launching today but this portal is focused solely on images. Startup NachoFoto, is launching a realtime image search engine that helps users find the latest images related to current events.

NachoFoto will autosuggest search terms for you, but the site only indexes photos related to current or trending topics on the web. The site will crawl the web and blogs (but not Flickr or other photo sharing sites) for images related to current topics.

For example, a search for Tiger Woods returns photos of Woods taken at the Masters Tournament that was taking place last week and over the weekend. You can also filter results by time period and NachoFoto will suggest other terms related to your search query that may be of interest. For example, for a Tiger Woods search you can also narrow search to find images for Tiger Woods’ wife.

The site is actually useful for finding the must current images of a particular topic, but is sure to face stiff competition from Google and Bing’s image search offerings. Plus, its unfortunate that the site can’t index photos from photo sharing sites like Flickr.