Kontagent Raises $1 Million For Facebook Analytics Platform

Kontagent, an fbFund winner and social analytics platform has raised $1 million from a number of angel investors, including Jameson Hsu, co-founder/CEO of Mochimedia; Greg Thomson, founder of TallTreeGames and creator of YoVille (Acquired by Zynga); Mike Sego, Chief Product Officer of Gaia and creator of (Fluff)Friends (Acquired by SGN). Kontagent previously raised $250,000 from the Facebook Fund.

It’s no coincidence that all of the new investors are in the gaming world; Kontagent’s deep analytics for Facebook apps offer compelling metric for the gaming sector and currently tracking over 50 million monthly active users with its analytics.

Kontagent’s platform gives Facebook app developers and publishers detailed data of demographics based on geographic location, age groups, gender, user engagement times, social interaction and other variables. The platform provides powerful A/B testing across any viral channel (a button, an invite or a notification) that sits inside Facebook. Kontagent also offers developers viral optimization tools to track the virality of the application on Facebook. And Kontagent offers these analytics to iPhone and web applications using Facebook Connect.

Over the past year, Kontagent has seen attracted a number of casual and social game developers using its platform, says co-founder Albert Lai. Lai says that Kontagent’s deep set of analytics that show traffic and behavior across features as small as a notification or or invite, give game publishers greater insight into the strategy of attracting traffic to their games on Facebook. As casual and social gaming on Facebook continues to rise, Kontagent’s deep analytics will be able to capitalize on this growth.