Bullet hell shooter Espgaluda II to be released for iPhone

Bullet hell shooting games (aka maniac shooters) are, according to Wikipedia, shoot ’em ups “in which the entire screen is often almost completely filled with enemy bullets”. And one of these games is Espgaluda II, developed by Japan-based Cave, released for arcade machines back in 2005 and now one day away of seeing a release in the App Store.

That’s right, the iPhone, not really suitable for such games (control-wise), gets a fast-paced 2D shooting game Japanese style. I am doubting the controls will be good, but the first videos and screenshots actually look quite cool. This appears to be much better than my favorite shooting game for the iPhone so far, Glandarius.

Espgaluda II is scheduled to appear in the App Store tomorrow (including a new “iPhone mode”) and will be initially priced at $4.99 (Cave will increase the price to $8.99 later). Too bad the game is compatible only to the 3GS and certain iPod touch models.

Here’s a clip showing gameplay scenes: