MySpace Planning To Roll Out Facebook Connect ASAP (Or Not)

MySpace is preparing to add Facebook Connect features to its main service, we’ve confirmed from a source within MySpace. This will be the first time MySpace will publicly conceded defeat to Facebook over ownership of the social graph, and it’s more than a touchy subject internally.

So touchy, in fact, that my source tells me that by simply breaking the news early the whole rollout might be ditched or delayed. A key part of the launch is apparently a serious amount of message massaging by MySpace PR on what this means for MySpace.

Earlier this year the MySpace UK team added Facebook Connect features to a fan video without, apparently, the knowledge of upper management at MySpace. MySpace also quietly (silently actually) rolled out sharing on Facebook for MySpace videos recently. This new Facebook Connect rollout is being done very quietly as well, we’ve heard. Some very senior MySpace execs seem to have no idea it’s happening.

So what does all this mean? In the next week or two we’ll see at least a limited rollout of Facebook Connect on MySpace. Or, we won’t. Ah, the joys of having co-presidents to take your company to the next level.