Windows Phone 7 Series now just "Windows Phone 7"

Strunk and White fans, rejoice! Run to the nearest peak and herald to all that will listen: “Less is more! Less is more!”

The Windows Phone Team has just announced via Twitter ([cue the “Announcements via Twitter! Boo!” rants in comments]) that they’re dropping the word “Series” from “Windows Phone 7 Series”.

This makes a whole lot of sense; from the very first second Microsoft announced WP7 to a room full of press, people were asking, “What the heck do you mean, ‘Series’?” Subsequently, nearly everyone outside of Microsoft just started referring to it as “Windows Phone 7” (partially out of laziness, but mostly because “Series” just sounded silly).

If you see anyone from Microsoft’s advertising, marketing, or graphic design teams walking around with smiles today, now you know why: that’s one less word they have to fit into everything.

[Thanks, Jonathan G.]