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The Inkia MID500n shows love and affection by cloning the Viliv S5

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People love the Viliv S5. It’s a highly portable 4.8-inch Windows XP slate with 3G wireless, a webcam, and a GPS. It’s great. Inkia obviously thought so too as the MID500n is nearly an exact, although a bit less powerful, copy of the S5.

Instead of the S5’s Z520 Atom CPU, 32GB SSD, 6-hour battery and 1024 x 600 screen, the MID500n rocks out with an Z510 Atom, 16GB SSD, 2-hour battery and 800 x 480 5-incher. Although it also GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, 1GB of RAM, and a form factor just like the S5. If it’s like the Inkia MID500 I reviewed a while back though, the build quailty wouldn’t be up to Viliv’s mid-tier standard though. The release is scheduled for sometime this month but only in China for the time being. Not that you would want this over the Viliv S5 anyway. [cloned in china via ubergizmo]

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