The KegStool: a bar stool made from a keg!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the Keg Stool! Can you think of any better way to enjoy your favorite beverage than to sit upon its very delivery vessel? Only a hundred bucks if you supply your own keg; twice that if you’re fresh out of kegs. No discerning homebrewer should be without one of these marvelous inventions.

P&P Imports is proud to announce the arrival of its newest innovation, The Keg Stool®. The Keg Stool®’s patented design transforms any standard US keg shell into a stable, stylish and fully functional bar stool. The assembly kit comes complete with powder‐coated footrest, commercial grade vinyl swivel top and all of the necessary hardware.

The Keg Stool® is here to reinvigorate the stagnant bar stool industry by providing bar owners across the nation with a unique option to distinguish their establishments from the competition. The Keg Stool® also makes a great addition to any home bar or the increasingly popular man caves. While one cannot drink beer from the keg while the stool is attached, the kit can be assembled and disassembled without harming the keg shell.

After you’ve furnished your bar (or basement) with keg stools, you can use any remaining kegs to create a keggle for your homebrew operation.