Sprint shakes things up, revamps their refund policy into something awesome

Hey, Sprint. Whatever changed recently, whoever you hired to save you from the downward spiral you’re in: keep doing it, and give that person a raise. You’ve got the EVO 4G, the first Sprint device (Sorry Palm!) I’ve heard actual, non-geeky people talking about with excitement in as long as I can remember. And now, you’ve just morphed your 30-day refund policy into the industry’s finest.

The new “Sprint Free Guarantee” policy can be explained quite simply: You get your money back. You get it back for the device costs, the taxes, and the activation fees. You get the money you’ve spent on your plan back. ETF? Waived. If you give money to Sprint in the first 30-days and then change your mind, they give that money back.

It’s a dangerous move, considering how many shady people might try to find a way to take advantage of this – but at the same time, Sprint desperately needs to convince people to test the waters, and an unconditional money back guarantee is probably a damned good way to do it.

Sprint Free Guarantee goes live for all customers signing up from tomorrow on, at which point we’ll start tearing apart the fine print to make sure it’s all as good as it sounds. We’re guessing there’s a line or two about “reasonable limitations” on overage fees and long-distance calling, so don’t try calling Europe for 29 days straight in hopes of putting it on Sprint’s tab.