Live: Ford and Microsoft working together on electric cars, INSERT BLUE SCREEN JOKE HERE

You can watch Steve Ballmer talking about Ford and Microsoft’s new partnership here but we’ll run a liveblog for you all here so you don’t have to whip out the headphones. Refresh this page to see updates.

10:41 – Ballmer talking about Hohm. Decreases energy costs. Automating and optimizing the process of charging your electric vehicle.

10:43 – Ford will work with MS on the Focus Electric. Troy Batterberry talking about Hohm. It’s a cloud service for “actionable information.” Connection between home, vehicle, and the electric grid. Cars are the single biggest consumer of electricity in the home.
10:45 – Traffic moves smoothly on the electric gird. Energy ecosystem. When you plug in your electric company won’t go crazy. Energy optimization.
10:47 – Some other Microsoft dude. How many more do they have back there? This guy is talking about the fleet of Ford Escape electrics that energy carriers tested. Hohm will be able to tell you if your car can charge your electric car. New thinking.
Ford electric vehicle owners can optimize your recharge plans.

Smartphone app to modify charging times remotely. Pay the “least” for your charging. MyFord driver connect technology. Info about their experience.

Car will remind you that you left your dryer on. And then you can tell your car to turn it off. “We’re not there yet.”

New Lincoln MKZ hybrid. Shared vision for an electrified future.