VIERA D2: Panasonic Japan announces new LCD TV series

Panasonic may have a penchant for plasma TVs, but that doesn’t mean they’ll abandon the production of LCD TVs anytime soon. The company announced [JP] a total of six new LCDs today, all of which are part of the new VIERA D2 series. According to Panasonic, the main selling points of these models are the design and the LED backlights.

Three of the new VIERAS will have a newly developed IPSα panel, namely the TH-L42D2 (42 inches, $2,400/pictured below), the TH-L37D2 (37 inches, $2,000) and the TH-L22D2 (32 inches, $1,800). The first two are full HD, while the 32-incher just features 1,366×768 resolution. All three offer Ethernet, three HDMI interfaces, two USB ports, an SD/SDXC slot, 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and VIERA link.

The other three models just come with a regular IPS panel. Panasonic will offer the TH-L26D2 (26 inches, $1,500), the TH-L22D2 (22 inches, $900) and the TH-L19D2 (19 inches, $750). These smaller LCDs features 1,366×768 resolution, two HDMI ports (three in the case of the 26-incher), two USB ports, VIERA link and an SD/SDXC slot.

Panasonic plans to start selling all new VIERAs on the Japanese market on April 23 (except for the biggest model, which will be released on June 11). The company hasn’t said anything about international sales plans yet, but expect these TVs to be rolled out outside Japan soon, too.