Starbucks now letting you pay for your coffee fix via iPhone in 1,000+ Target stores

Back in September of last year, Starbucks made it possible to pay for your daily caffeine hit with their Starbucks Card Mobile iPhone app. The entire concept is pretty simple: punch in your Starbucks Card info, verify some details, and BAM! The iPhone app becomes the gift card, presenting a secure QR code for the Barista to scan when it comes time to pay up.

Here’s the catch: out of Starbucks’ roughly 74 billion locations, only a few have started accepting the mobile payment system. As in very few. As in sixteen. Until today!

Starbucks has just announced that they’re now taking iPhone app payments in over 1,000 Target stores nationwide, increasing the number of test locations by well over 6,000% overnight. Now go, go and pay for your fix of the ol’ brown drank without ever worrying about silly nonsense like wallets and cash ever again. (Be sure to check the store locator first to make sure your local Target spot is participating in the roll-out.)