Timetric closes seed funding for 'statistics on speed' platform

Timetric, a startup built around the idea that statistics can be made and presented way more usefully than in the past, has closed a seed investment round. Terms were undisclosed. Participants in that round include former LastFM chairman Stefan Glänzer, Alex Zubillaga, well known Angel Sherry Coutu and Matteo Stefanel, as well as Sean Park and Udayan Goyal of Nauiokas Park.

The capital raised will be used to accelerate the rollout of their network of, rather novel, statistical services.

Timetric build services which make statistics “useful”. What does that mean?

Well, timetric.com, is already an aggregator of public statistical data, and Timetric Portfolios is a simple and social tool for analysing stock portfolios.

All of their services are built on top of the Timetric Platform, a proprietary service for publishing, analysing, and performing calculations on very large quantities of time-varying statistical data.

Timetric already has customers, including the Guardian and United Business Media, e.g see here.

The startup was founded by Andrew Walkingshaw, Toby White and Dan Wilson in mid-2008. They were winners at London Mini Seedcamp 2009.

The company is now based in White Bear Yard, where Glaenzer is locating many of his startups, in Clerkenwell, London, having relocated from Cambridge towards the end of last year.