Real-time social sports gaming startup Picklive closes seed funding

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Football3s.com, real-time Fantasy Football game, has relaunched as Picklive and closed a seed investment round led by Last.FM backer Stefan Glaenzer, including Robert Dighero and other angels. Terms of the deal were undisclosed but it’s believed a six figure sum was invested in return for a minority stake.

Picklive is effectively a spin out from Mint Digital a service company working with broadcasters.

The founders are Tim Morgan (CEO and ex of Mint), Noam Sohachevsky and Krzysztof Zylawy.

Billing itself as a real-time gaming startup, Picklive uses a real-time platform to allow people to play social games while watching live sport.

The first sport is football which has developed a growing user base since the beta launch in September 2009.

Morgan says the opportunity for live sports gaming is “enormous and global” and he’s probably right.

The World Cup in June will be a good testing ground.

Here’s what it looks like:

  • soyhan beyazıt

    you should look at http://www.icanfootball.com, Turkish startup in this category

    • http://www.winthetrophy.com/ curious george

      take a look at WinTheTrophy.com, a US startup that now allows programmers to create automated sports betting programs. pretty awesome and definitely one to watch.

  • Joe Westhead

    It’s a good product.

    Still unsure as to what they’ll be doing for revenue.

    Decent startups in sport (particularly football) are hard to come by, so good luck to them.

  • http://picklive.com Noam Sohachevsky

    … and, Picklive is looking for 2 Rails developers: bit.ly/aEcn3w


  • soyhan beyazit

    i think they can take some ads on the stadiums

  • http://picklive.com Noam Sohachevsky

    Oops. Here is a better link: http://football.picklive.com/jobs

  • macflocker

    Revenue? Sportsbetting…

  • http://www.cybercoders.com Anne Wasserman

    Great idea guys. Can’t wait to see it grow…

  • http://www.heymate.co.uk heymate

    good looking site, but they’d have to offer many more games going forward. Nobody’s going to wait for a few days to place a bet… FSB is offering the same product: http://www.fsbtech.com/

  • http://www.ajaxjones.com Ajax Jones

    Hey, thats a real nice app/product
    Can see it really taking off in the UK and Europe. Even american too especially as soccer is becoming more popular than football

  • http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sportsbook-20k/id354601544?mt=8 Jason Wilson

    yea, there’s an iPhone app for that too called “SportsBook” I think… very popular on the app store, from a company that does ESPN’s Fantasy Football stuff.


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  • liam

    Think the winners here will be http://ubecha.com/
    Looks great and works even better.

    • http://www.fanduel.com Nigel Eccles

      Guys, Ubecha certainly has the funniest intro video. I hope you didn’t spend all your money on that though. :-)

      PickLive is a great product. Great to see so much innovation in this space.

      • http://www.ubecha.com Paul Cooling

        Hi Nigel

        Thanks for the feedback on the video. We’re lucky in that our backround is in the animation media space so video promo was very cost effective. I just befriended you there on Ubecha. Have been looking at Fan Duel and looks great too.

        It’s a very interesting space to be in now with the explosion of social gaming.



  • http://www.bookmakersreview.com Pierluigi Buccioli

    Social gaming around sports has a lot of potential…as long as these companies do not try to monetize through a related gambling product.

    IMHO gamblers want to gamble real money, not play games or gamble virtual money.
    Even recreational gamblers these days look for the sites offering the best odds, high bonuses, etc

    Social gaming sites will never able to compete with real online casinos, sportsbooks and exchanges, period.

  • Lisa Power

    Ubecha look’s great, these guys could be onto a winner here

    • http://www.ubecha.com Paul Cooling

      Thanks Lisa

      Just launched Beta on Friday so a lot of work to do now to get ready for World cup.

      Lots more functionality in the coming weeks and months.


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