Wall of Tweets gives you an advanced, branded Twitter wall

[Denmark] Wall of Tweets, from Copenhagen-based digital agency FatDUX Zagreb (part of FatDUX Group), is a product that lets you start a Twitter wall for your event with a unique interface and branded graphics – either for display on a big screen at the event itself or online.

With more and more conferences using Twitter as a communication back channel for their participants during the event, Wall of Tweets could get quite a few users.

Like any other Twitter wall solution, Wall of Tweets takes a particular hashtag or set of hashtags and shows the tweets that include them. It can also show the most active twitterers, encouraging user interaction, and include other modules, such as an audio or video stream. The interface looks quite nice and can be customized to fit a particular event by the FatDUX team behind the project. The application running the wall is made in Silverlight, which users will need have installed in order to access a Wall of Tweets online.

While current solutions like Twitterfall are free, they don’t look as nice and end up showing some of the tweets late, due to a limit on the API calls from the centralized Twitterfall server. Wall of Tweets is a paid service, so they do guarantee it will work, as well as letting you host it on your own server if you really want to.

Wall of Tweets has already been used on a couple of events, including Microsoft’s Advanced Technology Day in Croatia. The team behind the project has decided that to offer a customized solution they have to make it a service prepared for each individual customer. That means you can’t start your own Wall of Tweets with a push of a button. However, most of us aren’t starting events that often, so the target audience shouldn’t have the problem with having to contact FatDUX, especially if they get a working and well designed Twitter wall.