TokyoFlash Escape C: Make Kisai Kisai with me!

Yo, what’s up. You need to do your Skyping and your phoning and your music? Yeah? I got something for you. Come over here. Look at this. This is the TokyoFlash Escape C Kisai, a little Bluetooth thinger that connects to almost any device and routes audio and controls wirelessly.

Kisai Escape C is the revolutionary new Bluetooth® fashion accessory from Tokyoflash Japan. Pair with your cell phone to make and receive calls hands-free, pair with your MP3 player to listen to your favorite tunes in comfort or use with applications such as Skype™ for a great chat experience. Escape C is also a stylish and versatile time piece. The time has come to Escape.

It also works as a watch, but one of those crazy watches. It costs $107 and is so maddeningly beguiling that while I find it strange, I also want to obtain it.