Mojito Stand-Alone Social Aggregator

I’m not sure if this is a must-have item for everyone, but I have to admit there is something interesting about Blue Lounge’s new device called the Mojito. Spied on the trade show floor at SXSW Interactive 2010, it is part of my post trip download.

Certainly, the goal of the Mojito is to free you from the bondage of countless, annoying alerts cycling on your computer as each social network to which you belong cries out for attention—and it could succeed. But somehow I wonder if the $299 price tag will relegate it to the “Sharper Image-esque” island of misfit toys for executive desks. Maybe not though. It could look smashing in a kitchen or corporate public space and could definitely keep you from pulling your iPhone out of your pocket every thirty seconds, for updates. Truly that seems to be one of the benefits the Mojito offers; it relaxes social media a tad and puts it a bit more in the background.

The design is nice (if not a tad thick for these Apple days of anorexic industrial design) and the keyboardless concept, while at first a bit confusing, ultimately makes sense for a concept which aims to take social media out of your face and move it about thirty inches to the side of you desk while formatting it as an elegant slide show. Honestly, I think it’s a good and noble idea and I would want one, but I am not sure I could justify 300 bucks for it (without becoming an executive type, in which case I probably wouldn’t need it anyway because people would then be typing out my twitter feed and  and reading it to me while I play golf, right?). Just kidding.

My guess is people will be hacking this thing immediately.

It’s not out yet, but there is more info at and Alan from Blue Lounge was kind enough to give us a little demo below.