CTIA 2010: Kyocera Zio brings high-resolution Android goodness without breaking the bank

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Look at you, Kyocera! After essentially shuttering your smartphone division for years, you’ve jumped back in with a bit of a splash.

Today at CTIA, the low-to-mid-range handset manufacturer announced the Zio, an Android-powered touchscreen phone. What makes the Zio special isn’t its specs — it’s the price it brings the specs in at. For somewhere between $169 and $220 (and that’s before contract!) Kyocera has managed to stuff a 3.2 megapixel camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 512 megs of on-board app storage space behind an oh-so-pixel-packed 800×480 screen.

This, folks, is why we love Android.

[Via PCMag]

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