New Media Infrastructure Company Ankeena Networks Raises $16 Million (Updated)

Ankeena Networks, a Santa Clara, CA-based provider of new media infrastructure solutions, has raised approximately $16 million in new VC funding, according to a regulatory filing (via peHUB).

Update: small oversight from the good people at peHUB – which we didn’t catch either – but this isn’t actually a new round but an amendment filing:

The company had reported back in 2008 that it had secured $8.5 million of a $9.4 million Series A round, and this new filing is actually an amendment. The company later announced a $6.5m extension in the summer of 2009, although did not submit an SEC filing.

The new report says that the securities were first sold in 2008, and we should have caught it. Our error was due to the fact that the filing was not labeled as an amendment (that’s just an explanation for our original post, not an excuse).

The company’s total funding stands at roughly $16 million. Apologies for any confusion.

No word about who backed the company with this third round of financing, but Ankeena Networks was listed by one of its main business partners, Juniper Networks as one of their investments when they announced their $50 million fund recently, so that’s one name at least. Ankeena has also secured funding from VC firms Clearstone Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund and Trinity Ventures.

Ankeena Networks’ flagship product is a content delivery platform dubbed Media Flow Director, which enables mobile operators and other service providers to take advantage of rising consumer demand for mobile content and other rich media content across mobile devices, PCs and televisions.

MFD aims to ensure users receive a smooth viewing experience without buffering or stuttering despite of varying network conditions, regardless of the viewing device, over mobile as well as wire-line broadband networks. Ankeena does this by dynamically detecting the available bandwidth and varying the delivery bit-rate.

Ankeena Networks was born under another name, Nokeena, back in 2008. The company was co-founded by CEO Rajan Raghavan, chief strategy and technology officer Prabakar Sundarrajan, chief strategy and technology officer, VP of Engineering Kumar Narayanan and Jaspal Kohli, chief architect, along with Deepak Srinivasan, VP of Business Development.

Collectively, this team brings leadership expertise from companies like Akamai/Speedera, Cisco, Citrix/NetScaler, Exodus Communications, HP, IBM, InSilicon/Virtual Chips, Intel, Level 3 Communications, Mirapoint and Yahoo.

One to watch closely.