The NanoNote $99 open hardware computer thingie

Here’s a fun diversion for your Thursday: the “Ben” 本 NanoNote laptop palmtop miniature computer netbook smartbook thingie! Described as a “full copyleft hardware” device, this thing isn’t going to win any performance competitions — it runs OpenWRT, which you normally find on hacked Linksys routers — but it does represent an interesting option in the realm of traditionally expensive small computing devices.

There’s tons of info on the Qi Hardware wiki. The CPU is an Ingenic Jz4740 Multimedia Application Processor running at a whopping 336 MHz. It has 32 megs of RAM, and a 2GB flash chip. It doesn’t have Ethernet or WiFi, but the whole thing weighs just a little over four ounces (with battery!). I’m sure inspired hackers will find all manner of great uses for this little guy, since the price is right and the device is open.

Available for purchase from sharism or hackable devices.