The JBL MS-8 in-car DSP finally gets an official release date and price

It has been a long time coming, but the notorious JBL MS-8 is almost here. Car audio forums have been talking up this digital signal processor system since 2007 when it debuted in a BMW demo car. It reached vaporware status in the minds of many, but JBL finally went live with its April release date and price today.

Think of the device as a auto calibrator for your vehicle’s sound system. It automatically adjusts crossover settings, frequency repsonse, stereo imaging and everything else needed to maximize your audio. The process takes about 10 minutes to run through a step-by-step prcedure, but then it’s heaven on wheels – or rather heaven in something on wheels.

JBL claims that the MS-8 should work with “virtually any combination of factory-installed or aftermarket components, but you might want to check with your local dealer before you order the $799 device.