You know you want to play Resident Evil in 3D

Imagine punching the boulder in 3D!

Surely you’ve heard of Shinji Mikami, right? He’s basically “the Resident Evil guy,” and he’s got 3D on the brain. He told Famitsu, that famous Japanese video game magazine, that he wants to disband his current studio (Straight Story) and form a new one, one for creators, by creators (as opposed to one by run by know-nothing businessmen). This new studio, in a perfect world, would create a 3D horror game.

There’s a few obstacles. One, pretty much nobody owns a 3D TV yet—didn’t they just come out the other day? That, and they’re a little on the expensive side. Your average gamer, who only just recently embraced HDTV (though I got my first HDTV in time for World Cup 2006, and I have no such desire to upgrade to a 3D TV for World Cup 2010), is a little while away from shelling out the dough for 3D.

Plus, there’s that small issue of actually forming the studio.

Now, about that 3D horror game:

When it comes to my personal desires, I’d like to make a true-3D horror game, something where you’d use glasses like in the Avatar film. It’s been my goal since the original Resident Evil to be the first in the industry to make a 3D game. There needs to be a large 3D television-owning userbase before that can happen, but I always like trying out new things first.

My only experience with 3D gaming was at some EA event two weeks ago, playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It was just OK, nothing to freak out over.