Don't Call Tech Support. Try Orkin Instead!

Someone passed this post along to us, and since our Chinese is limited here in CrunchGear-land, I’m afraid we can’t vouch for it. The video contained may, in truth, provide the recipe for a lovely London broil for all we know, so take it with several healthy grains of salt. But at least the basic premise is amusing.

It seems that HP in China received a number of complaints about their wares. And, in an effort to spread out the responsibility, someone decided to point out that a computer user’s environment can impact the performance of the machine. Since the local authorities had to come in and remove the 49 cats from our 350-foot studio apartment, the fan on our computer have been running much more effectively. So there is undoubtedly some truth to the environmental factors argument.

But we never thought they’d blame cockroaches.

Somewhere, a lazy comedian just made a joke about software bugs.