Microsoft, aQuantive Veterans Set Out To Build "Intelligent" Ad Serving Platform

A trio of entrepreneurs who led online advertising technology company Accipiter to an acquisition by aQuantive – which was in turn acquired by Microsoft for $6 billion in May 2007 – have returned to startup life after serving a variety of roles in advertising and sales at the Redmond software giant.

Jeff Wood, Guy Taylor and Ryan Treichler are today announced their new company, aiMatch, as well as the limited availability for “early adopters” of its online ad technology platform. In addition, the threesome said they have also convinced former Head of Publisher Solutions EMEA for Microsoft Advertising Steve Perks to join the club.

So what does aiMatch do? According to the press release, the company aims to put advertising intelligence (hence the “ai” in the name) in the hands of online publishers, helping them create new audiences and revenue opportunities, while at the same time maximizing the value of their advertising inventory.

The company will provide a solution for online publishers to create, forecast, deliver and analyze online ad products based on an open platform that it says is able to communicate with value-add systems for aggregating data into one actionable view.

In the words of Jeff Wood, former VP of Publisher Sales at Microsoft Advertising and now CEO at aiMatch:

“While so many solution providers have been focused on helping publishers monetize remnant inventory, we recognized that publishers invest heavily in their content and need new tools to increase the value of their direct sold products. That is why we are dedicated to offering solutions that leverage advertising intelligence to maximize their return on that investment.”

As mentioned earlier, aiMatch’s online advertising platform is currently only open to some early adopters, with full availability scheduled for June 2010.