Axosoft Launches New Version Of Project Management Software OnTime

Axosoft, the developer of project management software OnTime is releasing a new version of its product that includes an innovative new way for developers to visualize, review and manage the life cycle of backlog items. The first 10 People to use coupon code “TechCrunch” to buy Axosoft’s OnTime Hosted Solution for 1 year from the Axosoft Store will get $790 off on their purchase ($790 is the cost of OnTime 5-User starter pack for 1 year).

The new version includes a dead simple project visualization and tracking tool. Plus the new product also offers a TortoiseSVN plug-in, allowing teams using the TortoiseSVN Subversion client to have seamless communication between Subversion and OnTime. And the update features e-mail and worklog enhancements, as well as an automatic-update functionality for OnTime Windows client.

Currently used by more than 100,000 software developers, OnTime’s clients include Verifone, EA Sports, Disney, the United States Army, Lego, Cox and Intel.