Alienware's Core i7-980x Area-51 beast ousted as the Lake Erie UFO

Did you hear about the UFO that appeared for nine straight days over Lake Erie? It’s been identified as Alienware’s Area-51 powered by Intel’s just-announced 6 core i7-980X CPU and we have the pics to prove it.

Do you see that monster in there? Yeah, that’s the brand new Core i7-980X. You know it’s special because it’s designated with the letter X. This CPU was just previewed by Intel a few days back and is the first 32nm, six-core processor with 12 computing threads.

The rest of the system is pretty standard Area-51 fare. It has a has dual Radeon HD 5970s with two GPUs on each card along with some sort of built-in battery backup system and a water-cooling rig. The top vent louvers automaticly open when extra ventilation is required.

No word on price or availablity right now, but you’ll probably not be able to afford it anyway. [Hot Hardware via MaximumPC