Review: Nooka Asset Organizer

Welcome to future world, first stop: wallets. Nooka makes some of our favorite watches an now they’re making what amounts to a wallet for space explorers. Made of soft silicone, it is wear and water resistant and infinitely expandable. It comes in five colors and costs $35.

Before you say $35 is too much to pay for a wallet, let me tell you who this is for. If you’re trying to reduce your wallet load – maybe down to a credit card, a drivers license, some business cards and some cash – this will do the trick. It’s not for the old-fashioned. The pockets let you organize things quite quickly and easily and unless you have a big wad of cash (who does in these trying times) you’re not going to miss the room for all your bills.

That said, I enjoyed using it over the past few weeks. I kept my business cards and Metro card in it and it rode shotgun with my wallet. The silicone was a little too slippery sometimes – it would pop out of my pocket – but on the whole it’s a cool design and a cool idea.

Is it for you? If you like bright colors and need a new wallet, consider it. If you’re more a meat sandwich in the woods on a brisk morning kind of guy, maybe give it a pass.

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