Is the Viliv N5 launching in May?

Viliv’s first clamshell is coming soon. We knew that. But the company was previously very quiet about when. Apparently though, the N5 could launch as soon as May. *fingers crossed*

I played with the the N5 at CES 2010 for about 45 seconds and while it looked nice, it didn’t feel nice. The keyboard was about as solid as Jell-O and the hinge was all loosey-goosey. I’m hoping those flaws were because it was a pre-production model. Spec wise, it kicks the crap out of the UMID mbook BZ that I’m currently review with more RAM, faster CPU, bigger SSD, and Windows 7. Hopefully it feels as great, too, because that’s the one thing the mbook BZ has going for it. Hopefully we’ll find out in May.