Digital camera is half-inch thick, costs $25

Welcome to the future of digital photography, friends. This $25 camera measures 13.5 millimeters thick and takes what I can only assume to be mind-blowingly detailed 640×480 photos. That’s not all! The built-in memory holds 52 images! There’s no expansion slot but like I said, it holds 52 images. You’re not going to need an expansion slot, am I right?

That’s not all! Again! The camera connects to your computer via USB 1.1, which is much better than USB 1.0 (by 0.1, to be precise). Other features include a built-in viewfinder (no LCD screen), lithium-ion battery, and compatibility with Windows 98 through XP.

Please take turns ordering this, as we don’t want to overwhelm the site’s servers.

Gift Digital Camera Winait CD130BT [ via Red Ferret]